The Learn Tapping Easily Program

What if we could teach you the basics of tapping easily and help you become a confident and competent tapper, would you be interested?

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After you have watched the video, listen to our free audio as Brad Yates talks about the history of Tapping

What your about to learn will be all you need to know to get you started with tapping and become competent and confident when using the process on yourself and eventually others.

As you explore tapping you will discover an art to the process, yes we can get "One minute wonders" and cure issues at great speed but as you get to know the process and come up against more stubborn issues you discover that you need to know how tapping really works in depth to have success!

Download the collection and view our free get started video, and you will be able to move beyond the pitfalls that most experience when trying to learn the process.

The audios will also help those who have already undertaken training and want to go still further and learn tapping easily.

Learn the basics including:

  • The history of Tapping and how Gary Craig created the Emotional Freedom Techniques after being a student of Roger Callahan and the important discoveries form working with a lady called Mary
  • Borrowing Benefits, in depth, and how group work can help but why the process must be used with caution
  • The importance of knowing when to tap and when not to tap
  • Being specific and the different qualities that an issue may have
  • Using the body feelings and the set up to get better results
  • The importance of learning the basics before moving on to higher level tapping
  • Working on yourself with tapping and "Following the Trail" with a daily practice.
  • The "Discovery Statement" that gives you the truth about how tapping really works
  • How to measure your results with tapping
  • Why it's important to be persistent
  • The real truth about "One minute wonders"
  • Why being perfect and trying to get tapping 100% right can hold us back from discovering deeper insights
  • Being creative for better results including a tapping round
  • The real reason why tapping sometimes stops working and how to fix the problem
  • Why we tap on the negative and do not use positive affirmations that are common when trying to get beyond an issue
  • Why tapping and accepting the reality of the issue is so important
  • How some people believe that EFT doesn’t work, but really it’s because they haven’t covered all the aspects or they may be dealing with shifting aspects

And much more...

The Collection features:

Gary Craig, Carol Look, Brad Yates, Jaqui Crooks, Tania Prince, Sue Beer, Alina Frank, Jade Barbee, Maggie Adkins, And Bryce, Marianne Webster, Linda Wood, Gwyneth Moss, Rick Wilks and Cathy Vartuli.

These audios are all you ever need to get started with tapping and become fully confident and competent when using this amazing life changing process.

Audios available from $5 each

At the top of the page there is a free audio walking you through the basics, a tapping chart and video with all the tapping points and how to tap in detail.

Start your journey into tapping with the help of leaders in the field. Trainers recommend these audios as part of an in depth study into tapping. Helping you to discover the true art of tapping and its delivery.

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